Instagram Saves: The engagement metric you need to focus on!

With Instagram likes removed from Instagram, many businesses and social media managers were worried at how they were going to track engagement on their posts, and if this would affect their overall analytics and results.


From this, an analytic metric that many people have dismissed as being useful for stats and engagement is saves.

An Instagram save is when someone looking at an individual post can click an icon in the bottom right hand side of the photo and save it to their collections (viewed in settings).

The more saves on a post, the more it will be shown in the algorithm!

So what does this mean and what can businesses and social media managers do to attract more saves?

Change up your content

This is a great chance to think about your content.

New ideas that lead to the goal of your followers savings your posts is what you want to aim for. Think outside of just images such as video, gifs, etc.

Think more than just pictures

Instagram has evolved from sharing just pictures. Now we see videos, infographs, quotes and even memes.

Have fun with new content and always think, ‘will our followers save this content?’

Engaging captions

We saw Instagram loving on short captions, allowing people to scroll more and see more content, but now longer engaging and story-like captions are getting our attention.

Sharing information, how-to’s, recipes, workouts, how to use your product and even a short beginning to a story are great ways to get people to spend longer on your photos and even save them to come back to another time.

Always relevant

To have your content saved, you need to think about how to keep your posts always relevant for your followers to come back to after they have saved it.

Providing tips, information, inspiration, education and entertainment are all ways to incorporate always relevant content for your followers and future followers.


A call to action (CTA) on your posts can get people thinking about things they may have not considered before.

Having a CTA is asking a question, telling someone to go and do a task or buy a product. These CTA’s are an essential addition for content to be saved. Each time they come back to their saved content, they will see this call to action.

What content are you creating for your business?

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