5 Impacts of Instagram Removing Likes!


Instagram has now entered their trial phase of removing likes from Instagram profiles across various countries including Australia. This is currently not a permanent change but could potentially become one. There are many impacts this will have on both personal accounts and business accounts and can be positive or negative depending on how you respond.

Here are 5 impacts from Instagram removing likes:

A positive direction for mental health

Removing likes from Instagram posts has already seen a huge positive change in mental health where this study has been used for a few months. Not being able to see likes on posts stops people comparing themselves constantly to others who have more followers and likes.

Use more analytics

Likes can still be measured on your own personal or business pages and posts but this is a great change to allow businesses to start using other metric to analyse their social media including comments, reach and impressions.

Engaging conversations

With likes out of the picture, it is time to start using the comments section under your posts to really engage with your audience and followers. Listen to what your audience is saying and start conversations that will make them want to engage and comment on your future posts.

Increase in Instagram stories use

We already knew Instagram stories was growing, but now is an even more important time to be using them. Analytics have always been hidden to others for stories which means these will not change in how you can track them, but with likes gone from posts, more and more businesses and individuals will be using stories to reach their friends, followers and audience.

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Content focused

With focus turned away from likes, your content is now more important than ever. With great and well though out content, you will still attract the engagement you are after on your posts. Focus on your business goals and align your content with your goals for social media to show everything is on brand.

Don’t find the negatives in having likes removed from Instagram, use it to your advantage and start to build a fantastic content strategy that targets and hits your goals for the business and social media.

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