6 reasons why LinkedIn is the best platform for B2B Sales


LinkedIn is a great social platform for businesses allowing them to share relevant industry information, their products and services and when something exciting has happened within the business. There are over 500 million users worldwide on LinkedIn with over 90% of LinkedIn users sharing their company’s information via posts.

Here are 6 reasons why you should be on LinkedIn if you sell B2B.

Have a company page

LinkedIn is like most other social platforms where you can create a company page/profile. A benefit of creating this on LinkedIn is all employees who are on LinkedIn can update their current employment to have a clickable link straight to this page, making it easier for people to find you, see your information, services and products and make contact.

This page can be optimised to suit your B2B sales objectives, giving information on what you want potential clients to see and how they can reach out.

Connect with the right people within a company

Making connections on LinkedIn allows you to see who they are and what their title is within a company. This means you can make direct contact with the the right person for you to speak to within that company, taking out a lot of time searching for the right information or going through other people to reach the right person.

Create and join groups to start conversations

Creating groups within your industry can help in making new connections with businesses that can potentially benefit from your products or services. Groups also allow you to start conversations, share relevant information from the industry and from your company.

Here you can reach out to make new connections in different companies that you did not have to go out and source yourself.

Once you know your target market, you can start to join other groups to start conversations. You can join up to 50 groups per profile.

Targeted content creation

Sharing relevant news, information and updates directly to your company’s LinkedIn page is a great way to let people and businesses know what is happening with your products or services, how they have helped other businesses or how they could help theirs. Keeping consistent and relevant is great for when new or possible connections find your page to know more about your business before or during the first conversation.

Connect with people and companies in the industry

LinkedIn offers an advanced search option allowing you to find companies and people within a specific industry. This search also shows people’s positions within a company so you can connect with the right person to offer your product and services.

Export capabilities

After making connections within LinkedIn this information can be exported into your CRM system to keep all sales leads and conversions in one place. It is important to make sure that you check with each connection that you can contact them outside of LinkedIn via email.

Now it’s time to start or update your LinkedIn for your own profile and your company. If you would like help with social media including LinkedIn get in contact with us here https://embarketing.com.au/contact.

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