How Work Placement Helped Me Grow

My Work Placement at Embarketing wasn’t what I was expecting - here’s why

The bold design of the Embarketing homepage really drew me in!

The bold design of the Embarketing homepage really drew me in!

First of all, let me introduce myself; my name is Elle, I collect more books than I can read, and I am going into my second year at Charles Sturt University as a Business Management major. Through CSU, it’s compulsory to complete a total of 225 hours of placement (broken up into 35, 70, and 120 hours) in order to gain skills to give you an edge over the competition when entering the workplace as a graduate. I’m thinking of adding a joint study in marketing to my degree, so I was keen to find a business for my 70 hour placement that could help me further my skills in this area.

This all leads to why I chose Embarketing. When I googled marketing businesses Wagga, Embarketing was the first to come up! But this website was what stuck out to me, and I thought, “Oh man, here is a business that not only meets my need of learning marketing skills, but can also teach me about web design!” Suffice to say, I was sold! Cristy was super helpful when I had any questions or concerns about the placement, and by the time it came around I was excited to get started.

Then my first day arrived, and I was freaking out. I had never met these people, never been to this place, and now I was going to be thrown into it! Eek! But Cristy, James and Hannah were super nice, and helped me get set up before giving me my first task - adding tags and categories to articles on a website they had built. Doing this task was long and arduous but it was also a learning experience. Right away they had managed to show me just how much patience and work goes into web design. It’s not always the sort of thing that is super fun and different every day - sure, it's fun to start a website, but they don't end up functioning properly without the hours of careful tagging, or making sure all of the hyperlinks lead where you want them to go, or listening to hours of podcasts and transcribing them so people can read them instead of listening to them.

After learning this bit of knowledge, I did actually get to experience the fun bit I had been looking forward to - designing a website! Woohoo! I had my time learning how to add pages, add photos, change the layout, alter the colour - all the best bits! Honestly, I don’t think it would have been quite as fun without the first tasks; but after having done those, I could fully appreciate how much fun having the creative freedom to design this entire website was.

Cristy, James and Hannah are a great bunch of people who were always happy to help me with any issues that I ran into. I really appreciate them for having me here during this placement, and being great mentors through all of my dumb and repetitive questions!

So essentially, what I learned was this; web design is a lot of fun, but it doesn't come without work. If it didn’t, everyone would be doing it! I really respect what the team here at Embarketing does, and I think I gained some valuable skills throughout my placement that will help me with everything i intend to do in the future.

Thanks again!

Elle Russell

I was super excited to start designing with Squarespace!

I was super excited to start designing with Squarespace!

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