Which social media platform is right for my business?

Do I really need to have my business on social media? The answer is a big fat YES!

Firstly your competitors are already there which is a huge head start for them, secondly, that is where your target market is. These days there are many social media platforms and it can become overwhelming to know which ones your business should be on.

A lot of business become flustered thinking that they need to be on ALL social media platforms but this is simply not true.

Don’t worry though, we are here to help you choose the right social media platforms to suit your business, brand and target audience.



Facebook really is a must for all business types. Outside of your website it is the easiest way for people to find out who you are and if they want to engage with your products or services.

Here are more reasons why Facebook is a good fit for your business:

  • Helps to build a community

  • Easy way to engage with your audience

  • Build brand awareness

  • Tell your business’ story

  • Creates a direct line to talk to your audience

  • Allows you to meet new audiences and grow your current audience

  • Create targeted ads directed to your audience


Instagram is a visually appealing social media platform where you showcase your products/ services through photos and videos. A great way to see if your business is a good fit for this platform is to look at some of your competitors to see if they are using it. Also look at some of your own favourite brands to see how they present themselves.

Reasons why businesses should consider Instagram:

  • Visually appealing (is your product/service pretty or can it be)

  • You can tell a story through posts, Instagram stories, live videos & IGTV

  • Helps build brand awareness

  • Perfect if your target audience is between 18-35 and mainly women

  • Build relationships with your customers and other brands


LinkedIn can be known as an online resume for individuals and also businesses. This social media platform is a great way to showcase your business for B2B sales and provide the latest news and updates from the business’ achievements.

What can LinkedIn offer:

  • B2B sales

  • Great for in-house LinkedIn blog posts & your website linked blog posts

  • Helps build brand awareness in your industry

  • Excellent channel for communication with potential clients and suppliers

  • Ability to continue communication with current clients and customers

  • Interact with leaders in your industry on latest news


Twitter is the social media platform known largely for its news and celebrity updates. Outside of this, many business have jumped in using the platform as a way to talk to their customers 24/7 through photos, videos and 140 characters.

Twitter is a fantastic tool for customer support. Many people head to Twitter first to post their feedback with a business if something negative has happened. This is an opportunity for a business to jump on and rectify the issue almost immediately after a tweet has been published.

Why is Twitter a good fit for businesses:

  • Great communication with customers

  • Easy interaction with industry leaders and current news

  • A medium for news and business updates

  • A great system to utilise user generated content

  • Build your brand awareness

  • 24/7 customer support


The social media platform perfect for bringing your business to life with videos. YouTube is a great tool if your product/service can be put into a video for informational or entertainment purposes and you can produce continued content.

YouTube is great for:

  • How-to’s

  • tutorials

  • Follow along recipes

  • Vlogging

  • Lifestyle hacks

  • DIY’s


Pinterest, like Instagram, is a visual platform with a great component of website links and the ability for converting sales within one pin.

It is also a platform similar to YouTube where people go to for:

  • How-to’s

  • DIY

  • Recipes

  • Fitness workouts

  • Lifestyle hacks

  • Inspiration

This platform is fantastic if you can work within the above categories and have blog posts that can be linked to a pin or even where they can buy the products in certain pictures.

If you start using a platform, don’t expect immediate results such as a large following and huge engagement. You need to nourish and grow your brand and tell your story to your audience so they can be on a journey with you.

Entertain, inspire and evoke emotion.